The Off-Grid Factory has extensive experience with solutions for industrial energy. For example: telecommunication systems, remote monitoring stations and stable power supply in rural area’s.

Industrial systems have to work 24/7, sometimes under very heavy conditions, in high humidity or in very hot temperature conditions, we make systems wich can withlast this consditions, systems which are riliable and work autonomous, interested? Please fill in our contact form.
Standard systems
Engineered systems

Our industry projects

  • Off Grid Camera Systems

    Security on remote locations is not always easy, cameras can help in monitoring even on very remote locations.

  • Electronic fence

    Prevention gate which is powered by an off-grid solar cabinet. 

  • Fishsfriendly pumpstation

    A water pump that will not harm the fish population. This fish friendly pump can operate off-grid, in the open field.

  • Wifi pole

    The demand of Wifi access is growing. The system is prepared so the client is able to click in his wifi transmitter, and supply wifi even on remote locations.

  • Meteo pole (North sea)

    The Factory Group installed a hybrid energy system on an offshore platform to supply energy for a wind measuring device, used to analyze off-shore wind park feasibility.