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The Off-Grid Factory


Factory Group

The Off-Grid Factory is part of the Factory Group. The office is located in Amsterdam Noord, the workshop in Suwald (Friesland). Over the past 25 years, the Factory group has delivered and installed numerous autonomous and on/off-grid systems worldwide.

Arnoud van Putten

Arnoud van Putten is managing partner of the Off-Grid Factory. Arnoud was trained as a technical business administrator and after his studies worked as a project manager at a shipyard and at a large supplier of electrical systems.

Pieter Klimp

Pieter Klimp is managing partner of the Off-Grid Factory. Pieter has a long career in wind energy. He has been active in this market internationally and nationally for over 20 years, including with his company The Wind Factory.


The Off-Grid Factory works closely with an extensive team of mechanics, autoCAD drafters and technicians. We also make use of (international) local specialists who are trained in the systems we supply.

Our services

Expertise & experience

The Factory Group has been active for 25 years. What started in the early 1990s with an installation for farmers in the Netherlands, grew into complete systems for the electrification of villages. Purchasing an energy system is a long-term investment that requires professional maintenance. The Group maintains around 350 wind turbines ranging from 300 W to 1 MW.

A to Z

We supply complete systems. That means we can help you from A to Z. We believe that a solid system starts with a good insight into your energy consumption. We map this as good as possible in order to make a suitable system design. We are able to provide a full service installation, even with maintenance (if necessary).


The products we use in our systems (panels, pumps, charge controllers, batteries) have been carefully selected. We only work with leading A brands. We stand for reliability and quality. In all of our designs we try to take into account that the system can be used as optimally as possible, while guaranteeing a long service life.

Test center

We have an off-grid demonstration and test center in the Netherlands. Here can we make set-ups with wind/generator/solar panels, to simulate the situation of the client as well as possible. The latest products are also tested here. In addition, we have our own electrical and mechanical workshop for carrying out repairs and building new systems.

We make tailormade energy solutions

Please contact us for more information by mail on info@theoffgridfactory.com or by phone on number +3185-0706688.