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If you are looking for a smart and reliable solution to make your energy supply more sustainable, it can be difficult to make the right choice from the wide range of possibilities. The energy experts of the Off-Grid Factory are happy to help you. The Off-Grid Factory has consultants with expertise in the field of off-grid, hybrid and grid-connected systems. We also have specialists within the company who know everything about mini-grids and micro-grids, energy efficiency and energy storage. But subsidy, financing and strategic energy advice is also possible.

The energy consultants of the Off-Grid Factory have knowledge of the actual developments in the field of sustainable energy and the latest technical developments. They have the right expertise to find the most suitable and innovative energy solution together with you. We deliver custom work, so we always start with your wishes. We are flexible so we can join in or think along at any stage of your project, so we can offer you guidance from A to Z. Read more about our services below. Would you like to contact us to discuss the possibilities? We can be reached by email at info@theoffgridfactory.com or by phone at +3185-0706688.

Our services

Project and proces management

A good start of your project is extremely valuable. The experts of the Off-Grid Factory can already help you think about the planning and scope of the project at an early stage and give advice on budgeting and decisions to be taken. After that, in the role of project manager, we can guide the entire implementation process and monitor project progress. Our experts have years of experience as project manager of successful projects at home and abroad, including a 2.3 MWh solar park in the Caribbean and the design of a mini-grid for a self-sufficient holiday park with 36 homes. We can help you if you are looking for an experienced and independent project manager who can take your project to the next level.

Feasibility study

A feasibility study is all about researching and analyzing the potential of a project. The purpose of this is to map out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks on which decision-making can be based. A large energy project often entails significant financial risks. To determine the chances of success of such a project, it may be useful to have a feasibility study carried out. The Off-Grid Factory has years of experience in conducting feasibility studies. Are you considering conducting a feasibility study or having it carried out? We like to think along with you.

Energy management and energy scan

 The first step to saving energy and a more sustainable system is a clear insight into your energy consumption. We can make an energy scan of your average consumption based on your estimate of your energy consumption or already known data. If no data is known, we can also register it using special measuring equipment. This gives a more accurate result on which we can base the recommendations in an energy report.

Energy report 

To prepare an extensive energy report, we perform the following steps:

Step 1: we clearly map out your energy demand and wishes
Step 2: we make an energy scan based on existing or new data about your energy consumption (obtained via measuring equipment)
Step 3: we prepare an advisory report for you with the possible energy solutions, financial consequences and insight into the payback period
Step 4: after choosing the desired system, we can produce the system and install it on location
Step 5: through monitoring, we can remotely view the system and check its performance

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