Solar panels made of glass (so-called glass-glass panels) have been on the market since a few years, but what is the advantage of these panels compared to the traditional solar panels?

The glass-glass solar panels have a layer of glass at the rear instead of a plastic foil backing (as with the traditional panels). The biggest advantages are:

– Longer lifespan and less degradation thanks to optimal cell protection (many manufacturers give a 87% after 30 years in glass-glass panels, in traditional panels this is 80% after 25 years)
– Less problems with moisture and temperature differences (glass does not age and is not permeable)
– Slightly higher yield due to better module cooling and the reflection-resistant quality of glass (manufacturers report an average of 5% more revenue, but this is regularly questioned)
– Stable and stronger than traditional panels
– Safer: glass foil is easier to burn and is damaged more quickly; glass does not burn and does not reflect

Solar panels made of glass are heavier than traditional panels, so the load on the roof is heavier than with the use of traditional panels. They are also on average more expensive than traditional panels, for example 20% for glass-glass panels with frames and 30-50% for panels without frames. The question we always ask our customers is therefore: how much do you have to pay extra for a solar system with a minimalistic design and with a slightly higher yield and longer lifespan?

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