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Grid-connected system with storage or feed-in

The widely used grid-connected PV system works as follows: with sufficient solar radiation, your household will run directly on the electricity generated by the solar panels. If you need more electricity than your own system can generate at that time, the energy company will automatically step in: you will be supplied with extra electricity from the grid. The moment more electricity is generated than necessary, it is automatically fed back into the electricity grid (at the electricity rate applicable at that time from your supplier, which can therefore fluctuate). In a grid-connected system, the network functions as if it were a battery. From 2014, a netting limit applies in the Netherlands, which is different for everyone. It is the amount of energy that you have received from the energy company. In the calculation for netting, this amount of energy is the limit. You can therefore never feed-in more than the amount of energy that you have received yourself. It is therefore not advisable from a financial point of view to install more solar panels than you need to generate your own annual power consumption.

To ensure that the power is actually charged, the power meter must be able to turn back in case of negative power consumption. It is therefore essential that you check whether you have a suitable (smart) meter. The netting scheme makes it very attractive for private individuals in the Netherlands to invest in solar panels. Due to the 1-to-1 settlement, you can earn back your investment in an average of seven years by netting. With a grid-connected system, it is important to properly map your annual and daily energy consumption. Which devices do you use and when? If you know this, you can ensure that the electricity generated by the solar panels can be used immediately. For example, you can run the washing machine when the sun is shining instead of in the evening. This ensures that you make optimal use of the sustainable solar energy and that you need as little electricity from the grid as possible.

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