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Grid-connected system with storage or backup

Does your office building have an empty roof or open field available? Then it could be interesting to use this to generate sustainable energy through solar panels and/or wind turbines. In a grid-connected system with storage, the sustainable energy that is not immediately used is stored in a battery (pack). This may be of interest to you as an entrepreneur because the Dutch feed-in scheme is only intended for consumers and other small consumers and not for large consumers with an electricity connection greater than 3 x 80 Amps. This system uses a hybrid inverter. This type of inverter makes storage of generated electricity possible and can be used both grid-connected and off-grid.

The great thing about using a hybrid inverter is that you can also add a battery pack at a later time, so this does not have to be done immediately during installation (this can be cost-effective). A grid-connected hybrid system is truly custom work, so it is advisable to call in an expert to ensure that storage and use are properly coordinated.

The Off-Grid Factory can map your energy consumption and guide you in making the right choice if you are looking for a grid-connected system with storage. Feel free to call or email us for more information, we can be reached by phone at +3185-0706688 or by email at info@theoffgridfactory.com.

Battery choice for grid connected system

With a grid-connected system with storage, you use the battery pack to maximize the self-generated energy. The batteries in such solutions are discharged as much as possible during the moments of absence of solar power or wind energy, the battery pack will be recharged when the generated energy is greater than the offtake. The battery can therefore also remain empty for a while, which makes this solution significantly different from the UPS solution, which must always remain full until the moment the grid power fails.

The installation of a system monitoring platform is essential for this solution. The placement of a smart energy management program can also help a lot to match the generation and consumption, possibly to switch things smarter (load management). This way you get the most out of your energy system. Would you like more information about batteries? Then click here.