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Hybrid system

A grid-connected hybrid system is intended for people who also want to use their own energy generated from the solar panels when there is no sun and who also want to remain connected to the energy grid as a backup. During the day, the solar energy that is not immediately used can be stored in a battery pack. Storing energy makes you independent and gives you the opportunity to use 100% of your own generated sustainable energy. This maximizes own use, so this is a step further to an off-grid (grid-independent) system. If there is not enough energy available in your battery, the energy grid can be used automatically. This means you will never be without power.

This system uses a hybrid inverter. This type of inverter makes storage of generated electricity possible and can be used both grid-connected and off-grid. The great thing about using a hybrid inverter is that you can also add a battery pack at a later time, so this does not have to be done immediately during installation (this can be cost-effective). It is recommended to use a Lithium-Ion battery, which is suitable for a rapidly fluctuating energy demand and can also be empty for a while without damage. A grid-connected hybrid system is truly custom work, so it is advisable to call in an expert to ensure that storage and use are properly coordinated.


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