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We make tailormade energy systems which are reliable and work autonomous.
Systems which have to work 24/7, sometimes under very heavy conditions.

We make tailormade energy systems which are reliable and work autonomous. Systems which have to work 24/7, sometimes under very heavy conditions.

Businesses should be able to produce sustainable energy themselves and do not have to rely on the system, external supply and other external influences.

We deliver worldwide autonomous solutions in sustainable energy systems. By doing so we give our clients the opportunity to keep on growing and developing. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise we can make energy reliable and give our clients freedom in their own living- and working environment.

We are a turn-key partner for realizing autonomous power projects which work grid hybrid and off-grid. We analyze your needs and design a system which is based on the most optimal combination of natural energy sources.

We provide both engineered systems as standard energy systems which can be installed very easy on side (only install the solar panels and batteries, and you are good to go).

Our energy solutions
Mobiel off-grid systeem

Mobile off-grid system

Boerderij met off-grid energiesysteem

Commercial off-grid system

Mini-grid (microgrid) & smart grid

Mini-grid & smart-grid

UPS systeem

UPS system

Netgekoppeld energiesysteem met opslag

Grid-connected system with back-up

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Our references
  • Off Grid Kunstwerk Den Bosch

    Off-grid kunstwerk in straatmeubilair

    Kunstenaar Reinier Bosch kwam bij ons met het vraagstuk hoe hij zijn kunstwerk geïnspireerd op Jheronimus Bosch, Off Grid van energie kon voorzien. De omgekeerde trechtervorm is een veel gebruikt symbool van deze schilder. De trechter wekt energie op door middel van een zonnecel die kan worden “geprint” in vele kleuren en designs. De opgewekte…

  • Solar water pump in Liberia

    In January 2019, we delivered a Lorentz water pumping system for a project in Liberia. The request came from a foundation that cooperates with local companies in developing countries to bring them innovative technologies for water, energy and an improved level of hygiene. The Off-Grid Factory has supplied a complete water pumping system that only…

  • Solar water pump for sewer system in Tynaarlo

    The Off-Grid Factory developed a solar water pumping installation for a sewer system on Diepsloot in the village of Vries. This is done in cooperation with InnBlue (innovator in water technology). The Lorentz pump (type PS60 C58) is directly controlled by solar energy and has no storage of power. With this system, the municipality of…

  • Floating surface pump for shallow meadows

    In the past decades, more than 60% of all meadow birds have disappeared in the Netherlands. Suitable areas (flowery meadows where godwit chickens are safe and they can find sufficient food) have become rare. The Frisian agricultural nature association Oer de Wjuk has taken the initiative to improve the conditions for meadow birds. With the…

  • UPS system

    Smilde Foods is an international family concern. Their solutions comprise margarines, oils, fats, salads, bakery and sauces. They have a clear vision of quality: appealing products, good taste, healthy and above all, food-safe. Therefore they need reliable energy, 365 days a year, 24/7. In 2016 the Off-Grid Factory installed an UPS (uninterrupted power supply) backup system existing…

  • Off-Grid bee monitor

    Triple in Alkmaar has placed two beehives on the roof of their building, with an advanced system to monitor the bee populations and monitor them via an online platform. The Off-Grid Factory has programmed the interface with which the bee monitoring system can be monitored online. Via an Arduino (open source computer platform intended to…

  • Energy storage care center

    Crataegus Care center levert woon- en zorgdiensten voor mensen met een al dan niet (beperkte) behoefte aan zorg of aandacht. De nieuwbouw zit vanaf de fundering tot en met het dak vol innovatieve hybride techniek. Geen gas, alles elektrisch en geen verspilling van energie. De zonnepanelen en bodemwarmte leveren stroom en warm water en houden…

  • Growing fruit and vegatables in the dessert

    Alexanders’ dream… Is it possible to grow fruit and vegetables in the dessert? Our client Alexander is very passionated about this idea and did some research about the best soil, seeds and grow materials and asked us for an off grid energy system which pumps up salt water out of the ocean and transforms it…

  • Off-grid pump (Austria)

    The Off-Grid Factory developed a system (3 Fase, 380 V/AC) based on 12 solar panels (275 Wp) and a windmill (300W) for off-grid pumping of a basin in Austria. The pump works 24/7 in all-weather circumstances to clear the rainwater and mix the liquids in the basin.  

  • Remote monitoring energy system

    The Off Grid Factory offers remote monitoring and control of energy systems. We receive, for example, data about the load current of batteries and about the amount of energy produced by the solar panels or windmill(s). By knowing these data we can help and advice our clients fully and in time, which ensures a sustainable…

  • Bio ethanol fuel cell

    Off grid without wind- or solarenergy? Yes, this is possible. For example by using a bio ethanol fuel cell. For an industrial client the Off Grid Factory developped a back-up powersystem for doing off shore measurements. The fuel cell generators are smart energy producers that can be used to continuously and fully automatically recharge batteries.…

  • Selficient: students design a self-sufficient house

    Four students made a beautiful concept for the international competition Solar Decathlon. Beyond their expectations, their concept has been chosen for the Finale. Because of all the hard work they had to do themselves and because their concept for the house focusses on a life-course adaption, they’ve called this project ‘Selficient’. Selfie and Self-sufficient within…

  • 3 fase off-grid energy system desert (Mauritania)

    off-grid in the desert We installed a 3 fase (400 V) energy system in the desert of Mauritania to power the air-conditioning of a warehouse. The system makes sure that the warehouse stays cool, even when the temperatures rise very high. The systems works autonomous (off-grid) and starts when there is enough sun. Besides cooling…

  • Water Pump (Senegal)

    Off-grid Lorentz pump For a local NGO in Senegal, the Factory Group delivered a solar pump system which handles a lift from up to 200 meters, it can handle from 0,5 till 20 m3 / hour.

  • Wind/solar/diesel system GSM mast (Kenya)

    Telcom is one of the major GSM providers in Kenya. As the electricity grid is very limited in the country and due to the remote locations of the GSM towers with receivers and transmitters, an off-grid system is required. The Factory Group installed a wind-solar-diesel hybrid system on different sites on top of a mountain…

  • Street lightning (Djibouti)

    We delivered street lighting for rural areas in Djibouti (Africa). These areas do not have any grid connections and therefore this off-grid system serves a great solution. The 30 Watt lamps provides clear lightning, which makes the area safer and more secure for the people living and working in these areas.  

  • Smart-grid African village

    The Factory group supplied a complete electrification system for Eosol SARL in the village of Befandefa, Madagascar. With almost 2.000 full load hours of sun a year one of the highest solar radiation regions in the country, which makes solar very competitive towards diesel fuels. Dependency on fuel from an 8 hour drive to the…

  • Off-grid energycontainer

    We build a pre assembled container which a complete energy system, based on solar (3 panels 810 Wp) and windenergy (turbine 300Wp). The system will be used for measuring.  

  • Off grid resort Afrika

    Eco lodge (Botswana)

    For a resort in Botswana the off grid factory made and installed a system off grid system power by solar power. The set has a back-up system by a diesel generator for emergency power. The resort is in the middle of a wildlife game reserve, this eco lodge is promoting and training an eco friendly…

  • geWoonboot: off-grid meeting location in Amsterdam

    The geWoonboot is a autonomous meeting location on a very nice location at the old NDSM-Yard in Amsterdam. The geWoonboot is able to produce it’s own energy and water. The energy surplus from the solar panels can be charged into the batteries for own consumption or can be stored in heating up the hot water…

  • Camera system bordercontrol

    The Off-Grid Factory delivered 150 wind generators for an off-grid energysystem for bordercontrol in a remote area of Turkmenistan. Specifications energysystem: Charge controller: Outback FM 60 Solarpanels: 250 Wp (2) Wind generator: 300W Battery pack: AGM

  • Solar pool pump (Bonaire)

    Bonaire has a great temperature and a lot of solar, still a lot of pool pumps are powered by diesel power. Which is costly, not very efficient and environment friendly. The Off-Grid Factory installed a pool pump based on solar energy (2 units, 250 Wp). Do you want more information on solar pool pumps? Please…

  • Off-grid prevention gate

    Prevention gates are not always on the most common locations, this gate is mounted on a area where getting a grid connection is very expensive, a off-grid solar powered cabinet is powering the gate. It supplies energy 24/7- 365 days a year. Specifications: Charge controller: MPPT PHOCOS Inverter Charger capacity: 700 Watt Solarpanels: 250Wp  4…

  • Meteo weather data collection buoy

    For the measurement of all kinds of meteo data such a water temperature wind speed and swell, data or weather buoys are installed in the sea. The buoys are normally under very heavy conditions such as salty water, wind and rain. The buoy have to be very reliable. The Off-Grid Factory delivered the Phocos CIS…

  • Fishsfriendly pumpstation

    Dutch people are used to water and have to live with the water, a lot of pumps are operating 24/7 to pump all the water around. Not all pump are fish friendly. To help the fish population, Inn Bleu invented a special fish friendly pump station, this is a pump which is very mobile. No…

  • Wifi pole

    The demand of Wifi access is growing. The system is prepared so the client is able to click in his wifi transmitter, and supply wifi even on remote locations.

  • Solar-battery system with smart-grid (Africa)

    The Factory Group supplied a complete Electrification system for Eosol SARL in the village of Andavadoaka, Madagascar. With almost 2.000 full load hours of sun a year one of the highest solar radiation regions in the country, which makes solar very competitive towards diesel fuels. Dependency on fuel from an 8 hour drive to the…


    Griend is a bird watch island in the middle of the ‘’Waddenzee’, about 20km off-shore. Mostly two researcher are permanently present on the island to monitor and control different bird types during the seasons. Data of birds is transferred into locally installed computers to analyze directly on spot. To assure enough energy production for the…

  • Wind turbine educational centre (Australia)

    For an educational centre the factory group installed an off-grid TWF15 (75 kW) wind turbine on a remote island North of Darwin Australia. As diesel generated power was the only source of energy the wind turbine will now minimize their fuel costs. The excess of energy is stored in a battery bank, to guarantee autonomy…

  • Wind/diesel GSM mast (Madagascar)

    Celtel/ Zain is the number one GSM provider in Madagascar. As the electricity grid is very limited in the country and due to the remote locations of the GSM towers with receivers and transmitters, an off-grid system is required. The factory group installed a wind-diesel hybrid system on two sites on top of a mountain…

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