The Off-Grid Factory


Looking for a solar waterpump?

The Off-Grid Factory is a official distributor of Lorentz Solar Water Pumps in the Netherlands.

The Off-Grid Factory has extensive experience with water systems on remote locations. We are proudly dealer of Lorentz Solar water pumps.

Solutions for the access to clean, reliable water supply is critical for the survival of humans and animals all over the world. In a lot of situations the available ground water sources can offer a cleaner and reliable supply of  drinking water than the excisting water supply.

The Off-Grid Factory offers a wide variety of off-grid water pumping solutions, for example for drinkingwater or water for lifestock. Solutions can be connected directly on the solar panels and pump during the day. Or solutions can be hybrid, with partly use of the grid or generator, or even solar pump solutions driven by a battery bank.


Looking for a solar water pump?