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Mini grid

A mini grid (also referred to as a micro grid) is an energy system for small-scale electricity generation (10 kW to 10 MW). A mini grid can supply a limited number of users with energy via a linked distribution network that can function independently of the energy network. The generated energy (sun or wind) is either supplied directly to the users or stored in a joint battery pack. The advantage of a mini grid compared to a single off grid system is that it has a greater capacity, so it is very suitable for companies that are looking for more power.

A smart grid is an electricity system that can transport energy in two directions and communicates via the internet. Online communication allows supply and demand to be better matched. This results in fewer peaks in the electricity grid.

A smart grid consists of controllers, computers and telecommunication devices that communicate with each other. These technologies also communicate with the grid to respond to the changes within the power grid. The difference between a mini grid and a smart grid is the communication between the electricity components. All components of a smart grid are interconnected via the internet, allowing for a quick response to supply and demand. With a mini grid there is no online communication. The energy that is generated can be used directly or stored in a local battery pack. The Off-Grid Factory has many years of experience in advising and designing mini-grids, both in the Netherlands and internationally. We like to think along with you! Curious what we can do for you? Call or email us today.

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