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Mobile off-grid system

Sometimes it’s necessary to design an off-grid energy system in such a way that it can be moved. For example, if it has to be used in multiple locations or because it has to be placed in a remote location where the system must be able to function under harsh conditions. High demands are then placed on the design; in some systems the components may not be too heavy and in others it is important that no vulnerable elements are incorporated. These systems are always tailormade and adjusted to the wishes of the client. Reliability is essential with such systems, systems that are made to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Off-Grid Factory has many years of experience in designing and installing various mobile off-grid systems. For example a portable fuel cell powered by bio ethanol or hydrogen, a mobile camera system on solar energy or an off-grid energy container. We can install your system from A to Z in our workshop and ensure that it meets the highest quality requirements and can withstand harsh conditions. Are you looking for a mobile energy solution for your company? Feel free to call or email us for tailormade advice. We can be reached by phone at +3185-0706688 or by email at info@theoffgridfactory.com.


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