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Freedom of energy. At home, in your garden, or on holiday!
We make tailormade energy systems which are reliable and work autonomous.

Freedom of energy. At home, in your garden, or on holiday! We make tailormade energy systems which are reliable and work autonomous.

You want to generate your own energy? Because there is no reliable grid? Or you don’t want to be dependant anymore?

We deliver worldwide autonomous solutions in sustainable energy systems. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise we can make energy reliable and give our clients freedom in their own living- and working environment.

We are a turn-key partner for realizing autonomous power projects which work grid hybrid and off-grid. We analyze your needs and design a system which is based on the most optimal combination of natural energy sources.

We provide both engineered systems as standard energy systems which can be installed very easy on side (only install the solar panels and batteries, and you are good to go).

What is your energy question?
grid-connected, grid-hybrid or off-grid solutions...


You want to generate your own energy and deliver it back into the grid. We have excellent partners who can help you with this question. Call us for more information.


Generating your own energy and store it, so you can use it whenever you need it. We do many projects concerning home-storage systems. Contact us, we would love to help you.


Being completely autonomous! Create your own freedom with off-grid energy. We are specialised in these kind of energy systems. Contact us, so we can answer all your questions.

Our projects
at home, in your garden, or on holiday
  • geWoonboot: off-grid meeting location in Amsterdam

    The geWoonboot is a autonomous meeting location on a very nice location at the old NDSM-Yard in Amsterdam. The geWoonboot is able to produce it’s own energy and water. The energy surplus from the solar panels can be charged into the batteries for own consumption or can be stored in heating up the hot water…

  • Off-Grid bee monitor

    Triple in Alkmaar has placed two beehives on the roof of their building, with an advanced system to monitor the bee populations and monitor them via an online platform. The Off-Grid Factory has programmed the interface with which the bee monitoring system can be monitored online. Via an Arduino (open source computer platform intended to…

  • Off-grid holiday house

    For several holiday houses, the Off-Grid Factory delivered a 3.5 kw standard system that has been designed for 100% charge by solar. Holiday houses are normally located on positions where access to grid is not possible ore limited. For this client we delivered a 3.5 kw standard system including a gel battery pack. This system…

  • off grid house

    Off-grid house Drenthe (NL)

    In Drenthe, a province in the north of Holland, Off-Grid Factory has made an off-grid installation in a small recreation home. The off-grid installation will be used throughout the year. As the pictures show, the panels can be blocked for solar input in winter days. Therefore the installation has a generator input for optional charging on…

  • Off-grid house Limburg (NL)

    The dutch company Sustainer Homes is building CO2 friendly houses to reduce the impact of buildings on the CO2 footprint. For a house where the owner also shall dwell during the winter months, Off-Grid Factory has made an off-grid system powered by solar energy. The system is powered by 21 solar panels of 260 Wp, the…

  • Floating surface pump for shallow meadows

    In the past decades, more than 60% of all meadow birds have disappeared in the Netherlands. Suitable areas (flowery meadows where godwit chickens are safe and they can find sufficient food) have become rare. The Frisian agricultural nature association Oer de Wjuk has taken the initiative to improve the conditions for meadow birds. With the…

  • Selficient: students design a self-sufficient house

    Four students made a beautiful concept for the international competition Solar Decathlon. Beyond their expectations, their concept has been chosen for the Finale. Because of all the hard work they had to do themselves and because their concept for the house focusses on a life-course adaption, they’ve called this project ‘Selficient’. Selfie and Self-sufficient within…

  • Street lightning (Djibouti)

    We delivered street lighting for rural areas in Djibouti (Africa). These areas do not have any grid connections and therefore this off-grid system serves a great solution. The 30 Watt lamps provides clear lightning, which makes the area safer and more secure for the people living and working in these areas.  

  • Tiny house

    Off-Grid Factory made an energy calculation for the beautiful custom built, ecological and self-sustainable Bed & Breakfast The Tiny Inn. Tiny houses are an upcoming trend in the Off Grid housing. The owner Annabelle is a very creative girl who was grown up on a rural location in Portugal, “when I was young energy was…

  • Water Pump (Senegal)

    Off-grid Lorentz pump For a local NGO in Senegal, the Factory Group delivered a solar pump system which handles a lift from up to 200 meters, it can handle from 0,5 till 20 m3 / hour.

  • Water pumping system orphanage (Gambia)

    The Factory Group installed a wind-solar water pumping and electrical system in Gambia with a capacity of 2800 Wp for an orphanage, in order to supply water and electricity on demand. In this system batteries are used for energy storage to supply water and electricity on demand, even during nighttime. The submersible Lorentz pump works…

  • Wind-solar system private household (Madagascar)

    The factory-group supplied and installed a wind-solar system for a private household. The two panels and batteries give enough energy for basic lightning, a television, a DVD player, a small fridge and telephone charging. The gel batteries are maintenance free, as well as the solar panels. For anti-theft purposes we used one-way turbing bolts and…

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