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Selficient: students design a self-sufficient house

Four students made a beautiful concept for the international competition Solar Decathlon. Beyond their expectations, their concept has been chosen for the Finale. Because of all the hard work they had to do themselves and because their concept for the house focusses on a life-course adaption, they’ve called this project ‘Selficient’. Selfie and Self-sufficient within one name.

With Selficient they are trying to create the new building standard. This standard is based upon cradle-to-cradle and the circular economy philosophy. Selficient is completely solar-powered. The photo voltaic modules are integrated in the greenhouse. That is one of the reasons why the house is oriented to the south. Modularity is achieved by using a separately rigged construction and panels for the wall, floor and the roof. These panels contain insulation, but there also is space reserved for smart installations in the panels, such as batteries, piping, wiring and other appliances to be installed when needed. Designing and building these elements is an important part of the concept. The Off-Grid Factory installed the energy system for the Selficient house.