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Wind/solar/diesel system GSM mast (Kenya)

Telcom is one of the major GSM providers in Kenya. As the electricity grid is very limited in the country and due to the remote locations of the GSM towers with receivers and transmitters, an off-grid system is required. The Factory Group installed a wind-solar-diesel hybrid system on different sites on top of a mountain in order to decrease the costs of diesel fuel by more than 80%. Besides the logistical costs to get the fuel on site has been reduced by installation of the hybrid system.


  • Capacity wind turbine: 10.0 kW
  • Capacity Solar system: 2,1kWp
  • Construction: 18m tower
  • Battery capacity: 1766Ah/48V
  • Diesel genset: 16kVA single phase
  • Year of construction: 2009
  • Client: Skynet / Telcom