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Off-grid system in art piece / street furniture

Artist Reinier Bosch came to us with the question of how he could provide his artwork inspired by Jheronimus Bosch, Off Grid with energy. The inverted funnel shape is a much used symbol of this painter. The funnel generates energy by means of a solar cell that can be “printed” in many colors and designs. The generated solar energy can be stored in an autonomous / off grid energy system by means of a battery pack. During the night, the energy from the battery pack can be used to illuminate the energy-efficient LED lighting. Jheronimus Bosch is a world-class artist. His characteristic work, full of illusions and hallucinations, wondrous monsters and nightmares, depicts the great themes of his time: seduction, sin and accountability. Even after his life, his work has remained popular. It has inspired countless artists to imitate, to this day. This makes Bosch the most important artist of the late Middle Ages. His popularity is related to the enigmatic nature of his performances. You never get tired of it. The artist was born in Den Bosch and lived and died in Den Bosch.