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Off-Grid bee monitor

Triple in Alkmaar has placed two beehives on the roof of their building, with an advanced system to monitor the bee populations and monitor them via an online platform. The Off-Grid Factory has programmed the interface with which the bee monitoring system can be monitored online. Via an Arduino (open source computer platform intended to simplify microcontrollers) the monitoring tools in the hives talk with the cloud, so that the data can be kept up to date. To power the entire system in a sustainable way, the Off-Grid Factory installed two solar panels, a small windmill and a system cabinet with batteries to keep the system running day and night.

Energy system:
Battery pack: 2x AGM batteries 12/55
Solar charger: MPPT SCM-25
Solar panels: 2x 270Wp
Windmill: Air 30 – 24 Volt

Hardware monitor beehives:
Cisco ws-c2960 switch
Axis P1245 camera
Arduino Uno Rev3 – DIP Version Development-board ATMega328
Proto-Screwshield (Wingshield) R3 Kit for Arduino
Arduino Ethernet shield 2 with PoE module

Electret Microphone Amplifier – MAX9814 with Auto Gain Control
Adafruit Sensiron SHT31-D Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout

1x PCB
3x Shift register
3x Resistance network 100kΩ 1x Resistance network 47Ω
1x Resistance network 100Ω
24x IR Detector
13x Pinheaders

Any news on the Triple bees? Check the special website www.wearebees.com.