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Tiny house in the dunes

A more simple and autonomous life, that was the wish of Steven when he decided to take the step to live in a tiny house. Tiny houses are small, moveable houses of no more than 50 square meters that are used as a complete home. Steven contacted the Off-Grid Factory for a tailor-made sustainable energy system based on the expected consumption for full-time occupancy and taking into account the limited space of the house. We have designed a system that optimally uses the solar energy during the day and a Lithium-Ion battery pack as a back-up for covering the nights and days without sun. With a solar monitoring system, Steven now also has insight in the functioning of the system.

Energy system consisting of:

1x Schneider SW 4048 inverter
2x Simpliphi battery – PHI 3.5 TM kWh 60 Amp deep-cycle Lithium
1x Schneider Conext XW-MPPT60-150 solar controller
1x Schneider Conext System control panel
1x Schneider Conext Combox
12x Canadian Solar solar panels 275Wp