Off-Grid Factory made an energy calculation for the beautiful custom built, ecological and self-sustainable Bed & Breakfast The Tiny Inn. Tiny houses are an upcoming trend in the Off Grid housing. The owner Annabelle is a very creative girl who was grown up on a rural location in Portugal, “when I was young energy was very limited in that area” told Annabelle, “we where always short on water and energy”. I now build my installation where I wanted to have the luxury of energy and water, even on a rural location. Together with theOff-Grid Factory we made an energy calculation, on that moment even when I was aware of energy consumption we had to make choices. The system had to be very robust and offering a very high comfort level. I hope that all people who will have an Tiny house experience will be as enthusiastic as I am. ”

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  • Charge controller: MPPT 150/60
  • Inverter Charger capacity: 700Watt
  • Solarpanels: 6 units 250Wp
  • Battery pack : lead / acid