Griend is a bird watch island in the middle of the ‘’Waddenzee’, about 20km off-shore. Mostly two researcher are permanently present on the island to monitor and control different bird types during the seasons. Data of birds is transferred into locally installed computers to analyze directly on spot. To assure enough energy production for the computers with attached hardware as well as the accommodation, we installed an off-grid PV system.

The solar panels have been mounted on a sloped roof, which is on the right angle for maximum energy output. Via 12 V controllers the maintenance free Gel batteries are charged in four steps to optimize battery life. Pure sine wave inverters assure the researchers working on the island to have enough power needed for their computers, research equipment and basic energy consumption. The installation of the house itself including the heavy batteries has been done onshore, before shipment to the Island by a boat. Further installation has been performed on the island after the house was placed on site.

  • Capacity                       3.0 kWp
  • Construction                 tilted roof
  • Battery capacity            2500Ah
  • Inverter                         Mass Sin 2500W
  • Year of construction     2006
  • Client                            Natuurmonumenten