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Tiny house

Energy system for a tiny house

A tiny house does not always have to be equipped with a battery pack, sometimes there is sufficient (grid) power available at the location where the tiny house is placed and the house can be connected to the grid. The house is then on-grid. Of course, the house can then be equipped with solar panels. The energy from the solar panels can first be used for own consumption in the home.

It is also possible to feed the surplus of generated solar energy back into the grid network to which the home is connected. However, this is not always permitted or desirable. For those situations, the Off-Grid Factory has special systems to prevent the overcapacity from being fed back into the grid network. If you are dealing with such a situation and you are looking for a suitable system, please feel free to contact our team. Then we will look together for the best solution for your situation. Call or email us on +3185-0706688 or info@theoffgridfactory.com for tailor-made advice.

Which solution is most suitable for me?

No grid connection

Do you not have a connection with a central grid (energy network) or is the connection insufficiently powerful? Then an energy system with a battery pack could be a good solution. In the absence of a grid connection, it is important to look at alternative ways of generating energy. Some ways to do this are the use of solar panels, a windmill, ethanol/hydrogen fuel cells or a generator.


The advantage of using a generator is that the purchase price is relatively low and after filling the generator with fuel you immediately have energy. The disadvantage of a generator is the environmental pollution, noise nuisance, extra maintenance that the generator needs and of course also the fuel costs. In some cases the generator can be a solution to serve as a supplement, but we try to avoid its use as much as possible because of the mentioned disadvantages.

Solar panels

Placing solar panels on a tiny house has many more advantages. Solar panels can often be incorporated well into the design of the tiny house. This makes it possible to provide for energy consumption on a daily basis; the surplus of generated energy can be stored in a battery pack and used at another time of the day. Obviously cloudy days have a lot of influence on the yield; for those days, the battery pack can also be used for the energy supply.

Wind energy

The further north you go on earth, the lower the sun will stand in winter. As a result, the performance of the solar panels will be much lower in winter than in summer. If there is also little or no sun during these days, the yield will be very low or sometimes even negligible. For those days you will either have to adjust your usage or have an alternative form of generation, such as wind energy. The free flow of wind to the windmill is very important for the generation of wind energy. If you are in the woods with your tiny house, generating energy with wind is very difficult; the trees will block the flow of wind. It is also useful to go up as much as possible with the windmill; the higher, the better the wind speed and thus the yield from the windmill. The advantage of small wind solutions is that it can supplement energy from the sun. The disadvantages are the relatively high costs, the noise (windmills can make a lot of noise) and the required maintenance. Would you like to know more about a small wind solution? Feel free to fill in the contact form.

Fuel cell with bio ethanol or hydrogen

We will not discuss the use of a fuel cell with bio ethanol or hydrogen as a form of generation for a tiny house due to the fact that the yields for this application are too low and the costs (often) too high.

Tailored advice

Curious which solution is suitable for your tiny house? Call or email us on +3185-0706688 or info@theoffgridfactory.com for tailor-made advice.