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Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS)

An UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply) system ensures that emergency power is available in the event of a grid interruption. In the event of a power failure, a UPS system immediately takes over the power supply and ensures that the connected systems do not fail. It is therefore mainly used in critical applications where security of power supply must be available; for example at hospitals, data centers, factories or telecom networks. The UPS system can use sustainably generated energy that is stored in a battery (pack). The battery is ready (fully charged), waits until there is a mains interruption and can then take over the power supply. Energy storage systems are sometimes used as a UPS system but are not the same. An UPS system is normally designed to take over the energy in an emergency of grid failure while an energy storage system can be used to deliver energy when there is not sufficient input from solar panels or wind turbine.

When this storage system is used for maximum self-consumption, the battery may be empty when you unexpectedly need it once. A UPS system is only used for emergency power supply and will therefore always be fully charged. Nevertheless, a combination can be made. The switching times of equipment are important: how fast must the inverter be able to take over from the grid? This can differ per situation. It is important to think this out very carefully before making a decision, as this requires customization. So always engage an expert if you want to install such a system. The Off-Grid Factory has many years of experience in installing UPS systems. We also regularly advise companies on the best way to integrate a UPS system. Feel free to call or email us, we are happy to help you. We can be reached by phone at +3185-0706688 or by email at info@theoffgridfactory.com

Which batteries can be used in a UPS system?

Different UPS systems require different battery types. It is important that the batteries can be deeply discharged so that they can be used immediately in an emergency. In addition, the batteries must be optimally resistant to self-discharge. It is therefore very important that the batteries are of high quality so that the UPS system is reliable. So always call in a specialist if you plan to purchase a UPS system. The Off-Grid Factory has been working for many years with a wide selection of premium brands on the battery market such as Mastervolt, Exide, Hoppecke, Cellpower, LG, Mastervolt, Whisper Power, Pylontech and Simpliphi.

The Off-Grid Factory is an expert in battery storage and can guide you in your search for the best solution for your situation. Call or email us at +3185-0706688 or by email at info@theoffgridfactory.com for tailor-made advice.


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