1000 liters of clean drinking water, that is the amount of water the new water pumps of Villagepump at Cox’s Bazar can pump per hour. This is possible with the help of The Off-Grid Factory, who took care of the energy supply for this project.


In recent times, around 1 million of Rohingya refugees arrived in this area. Due to the heavier usage of the vulnerable area, the drinking water for the 2000 residents became polluted, causing diseases like cholera. The local development organization BRAC, in collaboration with Villagepump, have committed themselves to providing the residents with clean drinking water. The two pumps make use of ultrafiltration to remove bacteria, viruses and dirt from the water.


The Off-Grid Factory took care of a sustainable energy solution, by producing a so-called Plug and Play system. The entire system was programmed in advance. Locally, only the battery and the solar panel had to be installed. This general-purpose  system is one of the specialties of the Off-Grid Factory. The system is easily accessible and available for everyone; in all situations where there is a need for quick and sustainable energy solutions. In this case with a great result in Bangladesh!